Only follow up allowed per email

At the moment when the incoming email channel is configured emails without a relation to an existing ticket will create a new ticket. Follow-up emails to a notification will be registered as a response on an existing ticket.

It would be nice if only follow-up email would be registered/allowed. We would like to ‘force’ our users to create a new ticket in Zammad first, so that they fill all the custom fields that we created. After they have done that it’s fine to add additional information to the ticket via email,. So just the initial ticket creation should be done manually.

I don’t see a way to configure this at the moment, you can either accept incoming email or don’t process incoming email at all.

I just thought this might be done with a email filter. To filter email with a regex, if there is no ticket reference in the subject to just set “ignore message=true”. But it would be nice to send an automatic response that the mail was ignored because no ticket was found.

As far as I’m aware this is not possible, beside I don’t get the use case, but that’s okay to me. :slight_smile:

You could use your mail channel for notifications only to enforce web interface work from your customer all the time. I think that’s the best approach right now, still, hacky.

So the use case is that we have a couple of custom fields that need to filled when creating a ticket. Like a product, project, version. These fields are there so the user makes a better ticket and we can better help the user.

When the only thing a user needs to do is send a mail they will forget about information we need in order to help them. So that is why we were thinking that they really should always create a new ticket in the web interface so they are filling in all these fields.

Maybe the title is wrong. Follow up is also allowed within zammad, but if you are emailing to zammad, only follow up email on an existing ticket would be allowed in this case.

What you are suggesting is what we did know, we didn’t enable the incoming email channel. We are just sending out notification with the line “Do not respond via this email, click here to open your ticket”. Which works just fine.

Don’t get me wrong, I kinda don’t like the whole idea :see_no_evil:
Imho, the only way you can enforce this (at this moment) is to drop all incoming mail (or just not import it).
Maybe the following might help you too:

The above will enable you to answer on tickets via mail (even if it’s just trigger based).
For your users this is not as comfortable though.

Another option would be to provide them web access to Zammad (so they can create tickets there) or a custom API form that sets the necessary fields as needed.

other option would be postmaster filtering or triggering based on keywords, but thats dodgy because you never can assure to have false positive matches.

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