One User Does Not Receive Emails Sent By Zammad


  • Used Zammad version: 3.4
  • Used Zammad installation source: CentOS 8 repo
  • Operating system: CentOS 8
  • Browser + version: New Edge, Chrome 84, Brave, and Firefox. Not sure for all version #s

Expected behavior:

  • Reply to a user ticket and they receive and email.

Actual behavior:

  • One specific user does not receive an email from Zammad.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Open a ticket for the user and reply or the user opens a ticket.

We have been using Zammad for almost 9 months, awesome system no real issues. For some reason we have one specific user who does not receive an email from our helpdesk email from inside of Zammad when you reply to a ticket.

We can log into the helpdesk mailbox and send an email and the user receives it.

Checked the user’s mailbox and they are not receiving it nor do they have any rules setup to delete or move it to another folder. Ran a trace for that user using our Email Admin tools and it never shows a email sent to them when replied from inside of Zammad.

The email is correct and auto populated from AD integration, double checked incase it showed the wrong email address.

Also checked the server logs, there are no error logs <- which is a positive in 99% of cases lol. I mean the logs exists but they are empty.

I don’t think it is a misconfiguration error because her profile settings match all “users” and everyone for the last 9 months have received emails. Not sure where to really look for errors at this point it all shows it sends but doesn’t.

I can provide screenshots if needed!


just to get this right, you ensured the following:

  • the email address of the user is correct and working (check)
  • the email channel is not faulty (check?)
  • there’s no error messages (yellowish bar in between ticket articles) indicating any issues with the affected user
  • the production log is, to your understanding, clear (check)
  • the mail server log looks good as well ?

Normally if you can’t send mails, there’s very few reasons for this.
If the group the ticket lays in works for other users and the email channel usually is fine as well, most porberbly it’s the user being somewhat special.

Does the mail address contain any special characters like e.g. Umlauts which may affect the sendout process? Please also double check that there’s no errors on the affected tickets. Zammad will try to sendout a mail up to 4 times and update the ticket if it failed. This process may take a bit more than a hour.

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