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Recently our central IT worked with Microsoft to convert our departmental mailbox to a shared mailbox, which broke outbound email for us in Zammad. I’ve asked that they convert it back to a usermailbox to restore oubound mail in our Zammad instance. It was unable to authenticate for outbound but inbound was fine. Any chance to make outbound mail work with a O365 shared mailbox in future releases?



As far as I understand this problem, it’s a problem on microsoft side, as I don’t understand the technical difference in terms of authentication. I’ve worked for years with exchange and don’t seem to get it.

Maybe this is only a office 365 issue, but currently I don’t have time for a test setup in that direction.

Hi @Mk1DzL

sending and receiving via shared mailboxes is already possible, but you have to have a valid user with an O365 license. This user needs to have a “send as” premission setup. You just have to set the sending address to the shared mailbox address and that’s it (authenticate as this user in your outbound settings).


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Can someone show a screenshot example of how to do this? Having issues authenticating. I have checked that my account has send as access on this mailbox in office365.


@brc75 Please don’t simply reply on other topics. This is a feature request, not technical help.
Please open your own topic, as this will otherwise blow up the discussion of this Feature Request and ruin the overview. :slight_smile:

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