Notification to multiple users in a ticket

With Zammad 5.0.x I have tickets opened by a user. For some updates it would be great to add other users to this particular update.

So far the only chance is to use the mail function and put all users who need to be notified in this mail.

Adding other users with @@name in the update ist not possible right now, cause it could be users from different departments - but so far we didn´t even get the clearance for showing every user all tickets from his/her department.

Found nothing in documentation and in the community about this.

Maybe it could be a feature request.



is exactly what we need

The reply sounds like "just use “show tickets for all users from his/her department”. But what if I need users to look into tickets who are from different departments?

Why it is not possible to add users via@@ ? Just agents can be added?

I think this would be a great feature.

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The documentation states that this function is only available to agents:

I don’t see a useful use case for customers subscribing to tickets, however, if you believe this is a missing function feel free to create a feature request in case there isn’t one already here: Feature requests - Zammad - Community

It was not specified that customers shall be able to mention / subscribe so that’s the reason basically.

I’m afraid I don’t quite understand this explanation and am somewhat surprised that an obvious use case is not seen:

  • Customer has a Zammad login and wants to communicate with support this way.
  • Agent updates ticket e.g. with a public note or closes the ticket.
  • Customer does not receive notification that there was an update to their ticket.

This means that to ensure that the customer receives the update, an email must be sent, even if the customer would prefer to communicate otherwise. Or am I missing something?

Why not leave it up to the customer to decide whether they want to receive ticket update notifications or not? Default can be “off” of course.

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As I said, if you feel this is a function Zammads lacks of, create a feature request: