Notification on every status


can i set a notification on every status change to customer with email?

thank you and have a nice day


Yes you can!


ok, can you say me please where i can set?

You can set those within the Trigger-Section in Zammad:

“State is changed” is proberbly what you want to do.
Please note that “AND-Conditions” are currently not possible.


the customer does not get an email

Try This Trigger,

Action is updated
State has changed
Type is “your choices” Web, Email, Etc…

Execute Changes on Objects
Notification: Email - Last Sender or customer

thank you for your answer
i have your settings but no mail to the customer :frowning:

Check your Group in Admin Settings if there is email configured Need to set your outbound Email

and the Satus Has changed not is offen

try also to select in type the Web and phone

ok now i will get mail when a new ticket is created.
but when i change status to open or closed no email go to the customer.

for closed i have separate trigger for that and added Tags like when ticket tagged “Attended” and state is closed

you can use tag for separate trigger and email notification… another sample Pending Close I tag it “waiting for customer response”

My trigger is state is pending close tag contains “waiting for customer response”
then email notification

can you send me a screenshot please?

you need to tag first attended and closed state and update before this trigger work “you can add in trigger the type”
<a target=’_blank’

you can also use macro for auto taging and change the state then the trigger works

hm…don´t work i haven´t any idea

Dont know what is the problem on your config, but all of my trigger are working using the example i gave.

I have a trigger for new tickets. This one works.

then i have a trigger status open. it dont works

and here are screens from my makro an tag

i don´t no what goes wrong :frowning:

Well well… the conditions simply don’t match.
Also you might want to stick to “customer” as receiving person, as “article last sender” doesn’t have to be set at the moment (for whatever reason).

The trigger to your original question would look like this:

Note that this will only trigger if you change the ticket state like from “new” to “open” or from “open” to “closed” / “Pending […]”

thank you very much…

Thank you Sir @MrGeneration

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