Notification Lock Icon is twisted


  • Used Zammad version: 6.1
  • Used Zammad installation type: docker-compose
  • Operating system: Debian 12
  • Browser + version:
    MS Edge 121.0.2277.128, Google Chrome 121.0.6167.185

Hello together,
we got the Issue that Note Lock Icon, when you want to set an note to public or internal it is twisted.

Here the Lock is set for internal, but the lable sais “set to internal”

Here the Lock is set for Public, but the lable sais “set to public”

Any Idea’s why this maid happend? How can we change the Lock Icon to the correct setting?

With kind regards,

Hi @schzben. Please update your Zammad instance to 6.2 and check it again.

An update won’t change this visual thing.
You will always see the state you’re going to change to (e.g. an internal article) just like the text next to the icon indicates.

This is behaving as expected.

HI @fliebe92 , Thank you for your reply.
Based on the yml, we are already on version

Unfortunately no change

Hi @Mr.Wenninger ,

According to the user documentation (see screenshot and link) it behaves differently.
The lock is closed for internal messages and open for public messages.

Source: Following Up — Zammad User Documentation documentation

In our case, the lock icon is swapped.
Can we change the icon? or is it perhaps a bug here?

Maybe this has changed and wasn’t reflected to the documentation. Don’t know. That screenshot was created by me back in the days so it may be outdated by now… there was several changes around this icon because people got confused (several times…)