Not all LDAP Users are visible under Users


  • Used Zammad version: 4.0.x
  • Installation method (source, package, …): Package
  • Operating system: Debian 10 (Buster)
  • Database + version: Postgres 11.11
  • Elasticsearch version: 7.7
  • Browser + version: Google Chrome V89.0.X

Expected behavior:

*Synced (and added) LDAP users show up under User Tab, to assign specific users certain roles.

Actual behavior:

*Users are synced, and can login, however only a handful show up under the Users tab, and even when searching manually for a user, they don’t show up, so I can’t assign them roles. As shown in the image below, users are synced, as expected. I can’t show the user tab, for reasons of privacy.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

*Install Zammad via documentation, sync with LDAP (in my case 6000+ Users).

I had a similar issue today. The issue was caused by elasticsearch in my case. You can disable elasticsearch and search again. It might be slower but should list you the users correctly. I noticed that new users and organizations are not listed and creating a user manually reports that the user still exists.
If you re-enable it, be sure the ingest plug in is up to date, installed and the index is rebuild properly.

Zammad by default does never display a whole user list anywere in the UI.
The users aren’t gone or not there, you can find them via search at any time.

If you can’t find a user via search but know the user is there, ensure your searchindex is up to date.
Sometimes indexing may take some time depending on your systems load.

By the way, you can check that on command line: zammad run rails r "p User.count".
If you have more than you’ve synced via LDAP you’re good to go.

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