Not able to add shared mailbox


I’m working on migrating from OTRS to Zammad, and so far it’s been a nice experience.

However there’s one thing I’m unable to move over from OTRS and that is access to our shared mailbox:es in Office 365 Cloud.

In OTS we could access this by entering as email address, as mailserver and\support to access the shared mailbox using a licensed smtpuser-account. I’m unable to reproduce this in Zammad as username and email-address field is the same making this impossible.

I hope there’s a way to implement this in Zammad as we’re quite small and the cost for licensing all incoming mailbox streams would burden us.

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We currently don’t support this ( ) and it’s very unclear when (and if) it will come. :frowning:

Currently this would be a custom development, not sure if this would be an option for you as this may be cost intensive as well. :x

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Okey, that’s too bad. But thanks for the answer!

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