No support for Internet Explorer 11 available?


  • Used Zammad version: 3.3
  • Browser + version: Internet Explorer 11.719.18362.0

I cannot insert anything from clipboard into a ticket in Internet Explorer. Neither text nor pictures. It works in Firefox and Chrome.
The developer console shows the message:

Sorry, can't get text of clipboard because browser is not supporting it.

Doesn’t support Zammad Internet Explorer?

Zammad does support Internet Explorer mostly, however, if the developer console says it doesn’t support it, it’s proberbly your browser that forbids something specific.

In this case “xyz doesn’t work” isn’t specific enough, it would be interesting what and how you exactly copy paste text. It might sound silly, but apart from differences between browsers (you’d be suprised) the way browser handle pasting can differ greatly. Also it’s always very important to know what the content you’re copying really is.

If text appears to be text, but instead is html formatted and brings some really ugly code under the hood, it might happen that your Browser is not too happy (or our sanitizer ;))

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