No more MySQL/MariaDB?

I am wondering about the exact reasons for not supporting MySQL/MariaDB anymore starting from Version 7?
Those are the most common databases.
I do not deploy a Zammad instance yet and to be honest this announcement is probably preventing me from switching.
Any explanation appreciated and maybe you will reconsider your decision.
Thanks and best regards

The reasons are listed in the release notes ( New Minor Release: Zammad 5.3! ) - additional remarks can be found here: MySQL / MariaDB utf8mb4 support - #10 by MrGeneration

Honestly, postgresql is at least widely used like MariaDB / MySQL.
It has several advantages I’m not going into detail - but you really shouldn’t be scared of it.

If the database server being used is preventing you to switch then I’m sorry.

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The release notes only say that it was a tough decision but they don´t name the exact reason. I was hoping to get a bit more insight why MySQL/MariaDB can´t be supported in parallel. As far as I read they support utf8mb4 but Zammad doesn´t. Is that the only reason why you don´t want to support it anymore? Because you would need to adapt/put work in it to make Zammad utf8mb4 compatible?

[…] it is necessary to further develop Zammad with reasonable effort and to keep it reliable.

There’s your reason from the release note.
I’m not going to further comment this sorry.

We have made our points several times. It’s not just a functionality thing but also a performance topic.
MySQL UTF8 implementation is by design broken as they didn’t wait - for that reason utf8mb4 exists which requires a lot of additional (useless) effort to make it supported.

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