No email notification when ticket escalates


  • Used Zammad version: 5.2
  • Used Zammad installation type: (source, package, docker-compose, …)
  • Operating system: Debian
  • Browser + version: Chrome

Expected behavior:

  • It is expected to notify the agent and owner of the ticket via email when the ticket escalates. They will receive a warning email notification 15 minutes before the ticket escalates and at the time when the ticket escalates.

Actual behavior:

  • Agent receives system notification in the zammad dashboard when the ticket escalates. And they are not notified in the email.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • i’ve tried following trigger

Trigger won’t do it. First, make sure you have your SLAs setup. Then make sure your agents have the notification checked in their profile.

The other thing you can do is use the scheduler to create a reminder. For example:

I have this schedule run every day. If a normal priority ticket has had no response for more than 1 day, send a reminder to the owner.

Hope this helps.


Yes, I have already set up SLA and scheduler. Previously, I had forgotten to attach my SLA and scheduler image.
Here is my SLA: For testing purpose, I’ve set SLA to 1 hour.

And following is the trigger for escalated ticket. I wanted this trigger to notify the ticket owner whenever ticket escalates but this does not work.

Therefore, I tried using scheduler as following. But this scheduler does not notify the ticket owner at the time ticket gets escalated instead it notifies at the particular scheduled time. So, I’ve used only one time for the scheduler to run orelse it will repeatedly email owner about the escalated ticket.

Please can you help me with solving this issue about how can we notify agent right after ticket escalation.

And I’ve already made changes in the agent profile but still not working.

The trigger needs something to happen in order to work. For example, reply to the ticket is the trigger. Timed events will not work with triggers. You can ignore the triggers for this.

For testing, setup an SLA that has very little restrictions. For example, the only condition is that the ticket is NOT Closed. Doesn’t matter what group, etc.

Then create a test ticket. Under the ticket title it will say when that ticket will be escalated. Wait for the ticket to be escalated. Once that happens, look at the bottom of the ticket. It will say that it sent an email and to which address.

I do not get email notification when the ticket escalates

My apologies. I thought it showed who the ticket was escalated to, but after testing it does not.

Do you have any failed jobs? Check monitoring in the settings.

Which setting are you mentioning about?

Under the manage menu there is a monitoring tab at the bottom.


No issue

Perhaps check the log file. Hopefully it sheds some light.

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