No e-mail after customer opening ticket


  • Used Zammad version: 3.1.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: UCS App Center(Docker)
  • Operating system: Univention Corporate Server(Debian)
  • Browser + version: Google Chrome Version 79.0.3945.130

Expected behavior:

  • E-mail is received after customer opens ticket

Actual behavior:

  • E-mail is NOT received after customer opens ticket

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Download and install Zammad via the UCS App Center
  • Go to profile settings -> notifications -> tick “also notify via email” at “new ticket” section

Is there other settings that are necessary?

I guess you didn’t change the MTA settings from sendmail to SMTP (mandatory).
Please see:

You can change the notification setting withint he email channel as well.
You’ll also see what is configured, I bet it’s sendmail because this would explain the issue, however, the sender domain might be an issue as well.


Our email outbound settings are as follows:

And our email notification settings:

The IP written under the host leads to the mail server written on the previous picture.
When opening a ticket, the customers do get an email but the agents don’t.

Do your agents happen to have disabled the agent notifications within their profile?

You can also check that via the tickets history, it will tell you if it send notifications (online / email) there. Looks similar to this:

I am an agent myself and I have these settings in my “Notifications” tab:
Looks right, right? :slight_smile:

Ticket history:

The difference, between your history and my history is the email part, if I’m correct, which is the problem.

Welp, your Agent accounts to have mail addresses right? Because it doesn’t look like it.

Yes, they do:

Here looking at a user, which is an agent. An e-mail is set, which is correct and working.

I am sure that those three affected users did disable the mail notifications.
These settings are user based and not global.

Also, ensure your user has “FULL” rights on the correspodending group.

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