No CTI Option after Upgrade 2.6

Hello Guys,

After upgrading zammad to 2.6.0-1533865382.bb08ba03.xenial with RPM on Ubuntu 16.04 I´m looking for the new CTI Generic Integration. But, there is no new Integration Button?!

Do I need to activate the new CTI Integration somewhere??

thanks for your help!


yes you do - you can find the CTI integration within Settings -> System -> Integrations

Today I made another apt-get upgrade and after that CTI Generic was visible in Setting -> Integration. For whatever reason. My current zammad version: 2.6.0-1534150013.cf1a8455.xenial
Problem solved! Thanks a lot.

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the same for me, after a another upgrade, the button is not displayed in Settings -> System -> Integrations…

Delete browser cache solved the problem…

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Thanks for letting us know. :slight_smile:

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