New Tickets are assigned to the admin user


  • Used Zammad version: 5.2
  • Used Zammad installation type: source
  • Operating system: Linux / Windows
  • Browser + version: Edge/ firefox (newest)

Actual behavior:

When new tickets arrived via mail, all tickets are assigned to the admin user?

we dont not know why this happens, for our workflow it would be better that all new ticket where unassigned.

Here is the history of an example

  • Monday 12:57
    created Ticket
    created Article
    updated Ticket Last contact ‘10/10/2022 12:57’
    updated Ticket Last contact (customer) ‘10/10/2022 12:57’

  • Monday 12:57
    created Article

  • Monday 12:57
    updated Ticket Escalation at (First Response Time) ‘10/10/2022 14:57’
    updated Ticket Escalation at ‘10/10/2022 14:57’

  • Monday 12:57
    email sent to ‘XXX’

  • Monday 12:57
    notification Ticket ‘X(create:online)’
    notification Ticket ‘y(create:online,email)’
    notification Ticket ‘z(create:online)’
    notification Ticket ‘zz(create:online)’

What is the reason for new tickets being assigned to the admin user?

This part is not normal. Why is your ticket escalated at creation? You might want to check your SLA settings or your triggers for this escalation

I have checked SLA and disable everything for testing, but the AdminUser remains the creator of the ticket, see history below

further ideas?

How is the ticket being created? By mail? With what meta data?
Does the “admin user” actually exist?

The ticket was created by mail.

No the “admin user” does not exist, we have personal accounts and one administrative user called “admin”. This fullname in the useradministration is “admin admin” and not “admin user”

I’d bet that the user is actually User-ID 1 (system user).
Usually Zammad would display - - in the history unless you rename the firstname and lastname.
In your case the chosen wording is more than confusing I guess.

The system user appearing in the history is technically correct and caused by e.g. triggers that are sent. Trigger mails are always fired by the system.

Your history doesn’t show the assignment so I guess this is just a wording thing. The assignment is shown within the owner field.

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