New Role permissions: read Time Accounting

Hi there
Is there a way to grant an agent access to the “time accounting” admin panel.
I found no way except to grant full admin rights (complete admin interface).
I’ll dlike to grant some users access to view and download time accounting informations, but not to change settings…
Is there a way to configure this in Zammad 2.3.x

Zammad Version: 2.3.0-1520582300.fdc0abbe.stretch

same wish in version 2.4.0-1522285754.c63ad1ff.stretch

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it would be also nice to add a feature to list all time accounting - Items for an agent,
to view his own time accounting informations in an specific time grange.

Example: List all accounted times today with a sum.

Is it possible to add self defined Ticket-Objects to the Time Accounting Downloads (xls) ?

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This is possible if you give your Agent the Permission in the Admin Panel:

From Agents perspective it will look like the following: