My users have disappeared

Wanting change customer on a ticket, the customer’s name was not displayed. I went to my users and I realized that most of my customers had disappeared, there are 50 left.
I restarted zammad several times, but nothing changed. what could be the problem please? Where and how to find the reasons for the disappearance of users?
Could this be from the APIs?

  • Used Zammad version: 5.0.x
  • Used Zammad installation type: package,
  • Operating system : Debian
  • Browser + version :


Check your ‘Monitoring’ tab and make sure your searchindex Job isn’t failing. The users screen doesn’t show all users. So if they aren’t showing up in search my goto is to check the monitoring tab and make sure it says ‘No issues’. If it says the searchindex is failing sometimes I have to reboot, or sometimes I need to reindex.

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thank you @AidanA
indeed, I have failures at the level of the task searchindex. I restarted zammad several times, and even the debian server. users haven’t always come back and for those who are, when I type their name in the ticket, they don’t show up automatically. I have to enter the entire customer address manually.
can you please tell me how to reindex?

I know it is in one of the documentation pages, but the command is in rails and is searchindex:rebuild. Theres a whole syntax that goes with it though.

$ systemctl stop zammad
$ zammad run rake searchindex:rebuild
$ systemctl start zammad

@AidanA Thanks very much

@astrugatch Thanks very much