My Tickets overview for Agents

The biggest complaint from our agents is not having a My Tickets overview and tacking the progress of their ticket within another group. This is a fairly common feature in other help desk platforms. The only workaround is giving Read and Overview permissions between our groups (10 of them) but it clutters your overview queues big time.


Hi @Mk1DzL,

I surely missed something. There is a default overview for every agent

In those views you can group|sort by ticket group, which should be what your agents want.


Hello Johannes,

Thanks for the reply but here’s what we’re looking for. Basically a co-role of agent/customer. In many cases Agents are customers for other groups. As a Customer you get the My Tickets overview, that’s what we’re looking for as an Agents also. Besides missing that feature, we’re absolutely loving Zammad and it has raised productivity immensely!


I found the solution but it does require read/overview permissions for the groups that agents would submit tickets to. Makes for cluttered overviews with other groups within but it’s a start…

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