Multiple conditions

Hello together,

I would like to have an automatic action on certain tickets, so that they are closed when they have “Your order” in the subject.

But if customers reply to this mail, then “re:” or “Aw:” is written in front of it and these will be closed, this is not allowed.

Is there a possibility to create multiple conditions?

I now have "Subject - does not contain - “re:” this works too, but I can’t set now that “aw:” is also excluded.

Can anyone help me?



I think a postmaster filter is the better friend in this case.
It allows regular expressions and thus you can use this match string: regex:^Your order(.*)$

This will not match:

Re: Your order 1234
Fwd: Your order 123
Your Order 123

But will match

Your order
Your order 1234

Tell your filter to set the state right to “closed” and ensure your trigger ignores closed tickets.

Validation proof:

Further information regarding above mentioned functions can be found here:

For verification and fiddling I used which is quite helpful for such situations.

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I would also like to use several criteria.

E.g. if the mail from;;; I would like to set a tag.

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