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New user/team to Zammad, migrated from Spiceworks. Theres a lot of great features here but one that I think is missing is customisable login page as well as a customisable notification bar.
What im meaning is, it would be great if we could edit text fields on the Login Screen, or the Notification Menu that can have relevant help text for end users or for a list of company weblinks/phone numbers, that sort of thing. Mostly from a Customer perspective, rather than an Agents.

It would be great if this area here (above the profile/reporting buttons etc) was editable/customisable:


I realise this has probably been asked a lot and yes I know I can edit some of the ECO files myself to do this (and I have), but im looking for something that survives updates.

It would also be great if the New Ticket Emails were customisable, having HTML reset after every update is annoying, we like to do some formatting of text etc so again more lasting customisation options would be awesome.


Do you mean the agent notifications? You can customize them in an update safe way which is described here.
User notifications which are sent through triggers are also update safe.

Ah Thank You! I did not see that section!

Cheers :slight_smile:

Is this still a valid feature request or should we change the category to “technical assistance” ?

I think more customization options in general would be great. We’re currently in the process of migrating to Zammad and we love it, but compared to other tools there are relatively few customization options. I’d put customizations in two different categories: style and information.

A few examples for style:

  • Change the background color of Zammad (maybe even a background picture?)
  • Replace the Zammad logo for logged in users
  • Customize the loading screen logo
  • Change the colors for the menu

A few examples for information:

  • Display a phone number and an email address, on the login page and for logged-in users
  • Custom menu items --> for documentations, support pages etc
  • Show notice before submitting a ticket

By menu, I mean the left-hand displayed menu with Dashboard, Overviews and all that stuff. I’m sure these features already have been requested in the past, but it doesn’t hurt to mention them here again.

I believe especially the phone number and email address part is important. If there is an urgent issue or even an issue with the SSO-Identity Provider (which would mean that users wouldn’t be able to sign-in the Zammad anymore), users have no possiblity of viewing any other contact methods in Zammad itself. A lot of internal IT servicedesks require users to call them in case of urgent issues, so users need to be able to view a phone number.

Of course, you can already do that today by modifying the files yourself. However, these customizations will be overriden by updates and a lot of users don’t have the knowledge or time to do this.

Yes still a feature request.

I agree with everything above, having the user experience customisable would be a great advantage and I certainly agree with the login screen contact options, being able to display ITSupport desk staff Cell numbers etc would be a great feature.


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@benmo In my opinion you’re mixing up several topics.
It’s not a good idea too mix in other topics (even though it technically is about customizing as well), because the first article is mostly relevant.

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