Missing translation strings from email templates

  • Used Zammad version: 5.0.2-1637220812.c8a09f6
  • Used Zammad installation type: Debian Package
  • Operating system: Debian GNU/Linux 11

Expected behavior:

  • All strings in email templates within “t(…)” should appear in the “translations” list

Actual behavior:

  • “You are receiving this because you” does not appear
  • “are in group” (and the other “reasons”) does not appear

This is already described in String of email translation is missing · Issue #2163 · zammad/zammad · GitHub but Marcel Herrguth claimed there that it is a duplicate of the closed and “Fixed by b035cfe” Missing translation in time accounting · Issue #2056 · zammad/zammad · GitHub

However, these strings do not appear in the list and the mentioned workaround also does not make them appear. “MrGeneration” referred me to the community. Why? I have no idea as this is obviously not a duplicate and not fixed.

Thanks for looking into this. And thanks to all devs for the great Zammad tool!


I definitely think you are right and Zammad Team is wrong, this string is not configurable through the admin webinterface and the described workaround can’t be used here since this is coded into the mail template and can’t be somehow triggered in the webinterface.

You will probably have to accept that you won’t get this fixed because they obviously don’t want to fix it. They are a small team and have to select which features are worked on and such things don’t have priority. If it’s extremely important to you you could make an inquiry for a paid feature / fix, those have a higher chance to get worked on.

Or maybe this will be possible to translate once Zammad 5.1 and translations.zammad.org go live, I don’t know if the strings will be listed there. I’d wait for that before thinking about a paid inquiry.

breathes heavingly
I don’t really understand what “technical duplicate” makes it hard to understand.

Any way.

This is actually the key.
Code wise there are big changes required to allow specific things that are not yet possible.

This will all change with upcoming versions.
No ETA through.

Yes, heavenly. Keep doing that so you stay healthy! :slight_smile:

Well, that’s easy because technically it is different. If it were a duplicate the described workaround would work.

Great! I can live with that.
Too bad you didn’t mention that right away. We could have saved a lot of time and irritation.

A Zammad dev should know how important communication is, right? :wink:

Thanks for a cool product!

Depends on where I should have mentioned it in your opinion.
If you’re talking about the issue:
No - the reason for that is that we want to keep repository noise as low as possible.

If I’d provide such information (even if they belong to your issue but technically do answer a technical question or are out of context) this may raise more “questions”. So I’d shoot into my own knee. I do understand that this strict dividing is not always a good thing and very confusing to new people - but in the end it does help us to focus.

Wrong department mate.

Doesn’t make much sense to me. But let’s forget about it now and not waste any more time on this.

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