Missing asset breaks current version from loading [Debian 10]


Expected behavior:

  • Open Login page
  • Login page loads

Actual behavior:

  • Open Login page
  • Login page does not load
  • Developer tools show a failed (HTTP 404) request to /assets/application-05f0c5bb5fb5548e4d20d28444197948eee544c0b03117ffda5808aa22c1c895.js
  • application-05f0c5bb5fb5548e4d20d28444197948eee544c0b03117ffda5808aa22c1c895.js is not present in /opt/zammad/public/assets

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Upgrade to 4.0.0-1618317685.4e8845ca.buster from 4.0.0-1617678167.2e3acf80.buster

Downgrading to 4.0.0-1617678167.2e3acf80.buster fixes the Problem. Upgrading again reproduces the Problem.

Problem still exists on 4.0.0-1618480262.260afe11.buster.

Run this to fix your issue:
zammad run rake assets:precompile; systemctl restart zammad

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