Minor issue with existing zammad user's email address matching new ldap users email address

  • Used Zammad version: 2.8
  • Used Zammad installation source: zammad-docker-compose

Our zammad is integrated with freeipa/ldap, our organisations domain name is here.com

Our mail server predates our freeipa server, and it hasn’t been integrated with it yet, so accounts on the mail server are local to the mail server and separate from the freeipa accounts.

we have an account on the mail server bob@here.com, but we don’t have bob@here.com in freeipa.

zammad creates accounts when it sees an email address, so it sees the address bob@here.com and creates an account.

6 months later we create a user on freeipa for bob@here.com

zammad sees the new user the next ldap sync run and tries to create an account but it can’t as there’s already an account with the email bob@here.com

Expected behavior:

  • probably exactly what it’s doing right now, although better logging would be handy. We get and error message and a trace back

ERROR – : Email address is already used for other user. (Exceptions::UnprocessableEntity)

but no mention of which email is duplicated.

I saw this issue https://github.com/zammad/zammad/issues/2000 and I’m wondering what exactly user_email_multiple_use does and whether it will help in this situation?

Now that I understand what’s happening I can fix the problem by altering the email address in the database for the old existing account.

Hi @chesty - The Setting user_email_multiple_use defines if it’s possible to have multiple (differing) users with the same email. By default Zammad prevents re-usage of the same email address for multiple users. If this setting is active multiple different users can have the same email address. In situations where the email is used as an identifier (e.g. incoming emails) the first user found is used.

I’m not completely sure if this is the right solution for you use case. Let me know if you have any follow
up questions.

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