Migrate from desk.com

I know there is a prior thread on this, but its closed.

We are being forced to move from desk.com to something, as Salesforce is ending life on desk.com.

I noticed that you said that you could create a migrator for desk (or perhaps just do some custom work for us, to migrate our cases.) We would be happy to share our api keys so you could poke around with our desk ticket system, but its pretty simple.

FYI our shop is 100% ruby on rails, so we can certainly help with the migration, I am just limited on how many developers I would put on this issue.

Realizing this is probably more appropriate as a private email thread here is my email mitch@catprint.com. Feel free to close or delete this issue if appropriate.


Hey there Mitch!

Thank you very much in your interest in our services!
We’d love to assist you with migrating your data from desk.com to any Zammad instance.
I’m writing here, because this will help other persons as well to understand and see the workflow and options that can be used. :slight_smile:

For a migration to be possible we need either of the following two options:

  • API access to the service we need to migrate from
  • export files that can be parsed (e.g. JSON) to migrate data

The above can be used for either way:

  • writing a custom script that “simply” maps your existent data to Zammad data and pump those information into Zammad via the existend API (this can be done by you)
  • writing custom code and using the console to import the existent data if easier (this can be done by you, if not on Hosted)
  • a custom development to meet your requirenments done and verified by us

Custom developments are based on requirenments forms to ensure that we don’t forget something and also to be able to figure out whats needed. After this document is ready, our developers will have a look and let you know what the estimated cost will be.

You’ll get a good overview of the needed steps and what you can expect here:

Please feel free to contact us at sales [at] zammad [dot] com for an inquiry at any time.


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