Migrate Docker Data into a Debian installation

  • Zammad 2.3.x
  • Installed via Zammad Docker-Compose
  • Debian 9.2 netinstall

Background information: I installed Zammad via Docker-Compose and it worked really good for me.
But my boss want this installation without Docker. This means that I’m gonna install the whole stuff againg on a Debian 9 netinstall. But my boss wants me to transfer the data from the Docker installation to the new installation. I mean he wants to keep all those setting and tickets which already exist.
Is this possible and how do I realize that ?

Thanks for the help !

Hey @ReisKanzlerTao,

try using the zammad_backup.sh and the zammad_restore.sh.

It’s under ../zammad-root-folder/contrib/backup/


so I have to replace the backup files with the ones on the new server ?
Does that mean I delete the new backup files and just copy the old ones into it ?

  1. Backup your data on your docker-installation.
  2. Copy this specific backup from your old system to your new one.
  3. Restore this backup in your new debian env.


I gonna try it next week.
Thanks !

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