🔥 Microsoft 365 (MFA / 2FA) - Accessing shared Mailboxes not possible anymore?

Dear everyone

we are facing the following situation:

in the past we have been accessing several shared mailboxes by using the following method:


whilest real.account@acme.com has read / write permission on the shared.mailbox@acme.com.

With the current implementation it seems that we are still able to send messages with the sender shared.mailbox@acme.com but receiving messages does not work. We assume this is because the channel will look into the account real.account@acme.com only.

Does anybody know a workaround for this scenario?

BR wucherpfennig

In 365, all shared mailboxes have an associated account, I normally disable it once the mailbox is ready, but for the Zammad mailboxes I set a (really good) password and log in using those. I don’t set MFA on those accounts, but with the new 365 OAuth2 access you could. You’ll need to use that soon anyway if you’re not already, as MS are shutting down basic auth on IMAP this year.

The folder path isn’t supposed to work, so it’s interesting you’ve had it working in the past.

Well yes it did and it was very reliable too.

But since the new Auth will be enforced soon we have to look into other possibilities.

We know we could easily convert those shared mailboxes into real accounts but this implies additional costs.

Therefore we are interested to see whether others have found a workaround for this kind of setup.

BR wucherpfennig

A shared mailbox already has an account - it doesn’t cost anything extra. You should just need to set the password and use it.


No you even don’t need a Password.
This runs well, but is Not supported by Microsoft.

If you want it the Microsoft way:

Shared Mailbox abc is Shared With User xyz:

Type Username “xyz/abc”, use Password of User xyz.

Hi everyone

Thank you for your feedback. Everything works fine and this without actually changing the current setup. The “trick” was @tomsparrow’ input:

After checking in the user > active user list in M365 we noticed that there is a reset password function for shared mailboxes too. Once done and set we were able to connect to the shared mailbox without any issues!

Thank you very much!

BR wucherpfennig

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