Microsoft 365 disables Basic Auth for IMAP, EWS and others 1st Oct 2022


Microsoft announced to finally retire Basic Auth for basically all protocols (e.g. IMAP, EWS…) by 1st of October 2022. SMTP Basic Auth is excluded.

Since we use M365 implementation in Zammad heavily, we’re curious if we’re affected by this or not.
Does Zammad use IMAP/SMTP w. Basic Auth or is this handled with MFA already through this Azure App we had to setup (like described in the Docs)

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Zammads Microsoft 365 channel, just like the Google Channel are already using token based authentication. That’s the reason why you have to configure an app to authenticate against.

Above mentioned channels do use XOAUTH for both, IMAP and SMTP.


Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

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