Microosft 365 filter for alias addresses


I’m new on Zammad and I’ve a litte question or problem.

I’ve a connected a M365 mailbox ticket@domain.com
This mailbox has a second address service@domain.com

How can I route mails for service@domain.com to another group.
I tried it already with filters, but it didn’t work.


It may not be possible, but I would try using the filter to match the “To” address.

I tried it already with the “To” field.

It might not be possible. Your best option to create service@ it’s own inbox. Then add that to zammad.

I use the filters exactly like that, to “forward” tickets to a specific group for categorization.
Are you sure the emails are being sent to service@domain.com? Can you check in OWA of the mailbox?

I checked already the mailheader. The To-fields are correct with the specific mail addresses.

Is there a log or debug possibilty to check the mail processing?


I would setup the rules at office365 end, so emails sent to ticket@domain.com is moved to folder “ticket” and emails sent to service@domain.com is moved to folder “service” and then add the accounts in Zammad specifying the folder Inbox/ticket and Inbox/service on each account.

That solution works for us, and maybe it will help you solve your issue

Best regards

This worked for me. Thank you!


I know you already solved the issue but I think the suggestion with the Filter on the “To:” field has to work. We had the same issue and solved it by using a regex filter. The problem was that we had two similar email addresses and therefore both filters were activated: eg. support@zammad.com and vip.support@zammad.com