Merging tickets triggers external message

We often merge tickets as our clients in some cases do not write their answer to an original email but simply sent another email with a different subject line.

For example: they have an issue with an order in their ERP system. They write us the case via email. We request an example or an order id. Instead of answering on that specific email, they forward us an email from their customer. This email has a different subject line and a new ticket gets created.

So, we than use the “merge” option to merge these two tickets. It works good for us but there are two minor issues.

  1. The content from the ticket article gets copied to the original ticket and replaced by the word “merged”. This triggers an external message. See attached the trigger that is set up and used for external notes to sent a notification to the customer including the content of the ticket article.

The client now gets an email saying:

Sehr geehrter xxxxxxxxxx,

xxxxxxx hat auf Ihre Anfrage  **#{ticket.title}**  geantwortet. 



Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ihr Team von ecomsilio

Ticketnr. 1234567

Clients often wonder what this means. The solution would be to change the note from external to internal.

  1. “merged” is translated into German but it still says merged. The translation isn’t used.


maybe it’s a good idea to include a condition for the state.
Everything but “merged” as example.

This should (as far as I can see) stop Zammad from sending a E-Mail on merging a Ticket.

I’d test it, but currently I’m a bit busy. :-X

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Great tip. I guess that will do it for now.

Many thanks :slight_smile:


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