Merging Accounted TIme when Merging Tickets


I just found out, if we merge Tickets, the accounted Time is not added.
Insted, the ticket that was merged into the other one, keeps the tracked time.
Thats frustrating in the way we bill the accounted time, because we don’t look at tickets that were merged into others. We only look at the main ticket that it was merged to.

If a ticket is in state “closed” and our object “billable” is set to “yes”, we bill it and set “billable” to “billed”.
But we cant find out if a merged ticket is open or closed.

We would need the accounted time from the merged ticket in the ticket where it was merged into.

We daily merge tickets because customers are opening new tickets all over the time for the same reason.

To my knowledge this is currently not possible, eg. this should be a feature request; unless you’re looking for a solution to fix this through the api manually.

For me, it seems to be a bug

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