Merge Placetel Tickets on missed call and mailbox message


we are using your awesome Placetel Integration with Zammad with notification enabled on missed calls and new mailbox message.
If a phone call doesnt get answered, we receive two mails from Placetel: First because of the missed call, second if the caller left a mailbox message.
I know that in first place it should be possible that we configure this behavior in Placetel: If the missed caller leaves a mailbox message, just send one mail with this mp3 file instead of two. But - you cant…

Placetel does not support this setting so I wanted to ask if Zammad could solve this problem by beeing cooler and merging the two mails to one support ticket together, like monitoring mails.

Or - is it possible to solve this on other ways like triggers?! If one mail with content XY is open and not older than 1 minute…? But I dont know how to get this linked together. Perhaps with some RegEx Magic? I am not quiet sure…
Phone Number is part of each mail subject.

Thanks for your work!
You are awesome :slight_smile:

Hi Jan,

this should be possible in placetel. We use Placetel as well and only receive 1 email. Either because we missed the call or because the caller left us a message. Never 2 emails at the same time for the same call.

I guess this has something to do with your routing in placetel.


Before I started this topic, I asked the Placetel Support. They said it is not possible to combine the “missed call” and the “mailbox” message.
Could you please send us the exact spot where you configured your Placetel notifications (via PN or so)?


Hi Jan,

Zammad uses the Placetel Notify API. This API has 2 events for each incoming call that is not accepted:

  1. IncomingCall
  2. HungUp

If a call is accepted, that the events are “IncomingCall > CallAccepted > HungUp (type: accepted)”. If a call is missed, then the events are “IncomingCall > HungUp”.

HungUp has a type and each HungUp can only have one of the folowing types:

Type Description
voicemail The call was sent to voicemail
missed Nobody picked up the call
blocked The call was blocked
accepted The call was accepted and ended by hangup
busy The called number was busy
canceled The call was canceled by the caller
unavailable Destination is offline / unavailable
congestion There was a problem

If you receive 2 email notifications, than the call seems to have 2 HungUp events. So I guess, there is some weird thing going on in your routing settings. I would start there.


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