Merge or delete users

I know, this was already asked.

But there was a difference: Somebody wanted to merge 2 Customers with 2 Email Adresses. It’s clear that zammad doesn’t support 2 mail adresses yet.

What I need:

I have 1 Account Hans Schröder with his phone Number. And 1 Account Hans Schröder with his Email Adress.

Both have tickets.

I want to merge them to 1 Hans Schröder Account with 1 Phone Number and 1 Email Adress.

I really need this function, because the agents are producing a lot of double exisiting users.


What if you do the merge manually by setting one of the users inactive and updating the database by changing customer_id, created_by_id etc ?

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I know, there are possibilities to merge users per workaround.

But I need that Feature really often. I need a quick way to merge users.

Ill guess this was possible in older versions (here a screenshot from 3.5.x). Also you can add additional mail attributes/fields to a user object. Not sure what the behavior is.

Ill guess almost everybody needs that feature and I’ve no idea why its not communicated :frowning:
I’ve some users 7 times in DB, cause there is no (official) possibility for a user object to have multiple email addresses


That’s exactly what I am looking for.

The problem is: In the intended Zammad way, the users/customers take care of their accounts themselves. So, there should be not a lot of duplicate users.

But we are using Zammad in the way, that Customers are created automatically via first Mail Contact or one of our employees creates them. So sometimes, a user has no Mail Adress and Zammad cannot warn “The User already exists”. Also, some Customers swap the Mail Adress they are sending from. Or there is a mistype in Mail.

The way we use and need to use Zammad, there will always be a lot of duplicates.

If I have a duplicate Ticket, I can easily merge it and don’t have to care about any more. All Conversation goes to the correct ticket since then.

That function I need for Tickets.

That I can do it in a shell is nice. But it is not possible to us handling it that way everyday. That destroys all the produtivity we won using Zammad.

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I will say most ticket system work with one email per user/client. (e.g. OTRS, OSTicket, Zammad, Zendesk)

So it seems to be established workflow for Ticket systems. I personally do not understand why, but I think it will be some type of database technology issue on why this method/restriction used.

Possible Workaround

Most of our clients we control their emails, so you can set up alias under a shared email.

Accounts@ > Fred@ > Paul@

Incoming emails will always come in as Accounts user. (you can change user on ticket. All replies will go to same email but lets you split it up a bit)

Also, helpful when someone leaves an organization. So for general emails, I create general users and then use the alias method for staff members, If they use this shared mailbox method. e.g. sales@ Info@ account@

This is not perfect but this has helped me with some clients.

Sometimes you have a CO/Director that works with two companies (two emails) to get around this issue I just add (TLA “Three Letter Abbreviation”) onto last name.

Paul Lastname (TLA)

I do this on last name because it makes it easier when searching within Zammad. Otherwise, you just see two Paul Lastname when searching.

No email users are pretty rare. Most of the time you can request these users to get an email even if it was just a personal address.

I do understand this might not be what you’re looking for but thought it might help. :+1:

Zendesk supports multiple mail addresses for users, GLPI too. For OTRS im not sure, but guess it was able to support.

So one user with multiple emailaddresses is more generic than unusual.

But here the question was how to merge user Object :wink: - best in an automatic way

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Our use case is to have the ability to merge two customer records into one when they email from their personal email. Many times a user will email from their personal email (either inadvertantly or because they cannot access their work email). That makes it cumbersome when it comes to reporting tickets on a per-company basis. Also make it difficult because we must add their company name, mobile number, etc. to multiple customer records in Zammad.

Reference: merge user accounts · Issue #531 · zammad/zammad · GitHub

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