Mention auto-suggest doesn't find any users

I’m using Zammad 4.1.0 and I was testing mentions in an issue’s private notes however when I begin entering the name of a user, no results for users appear.

I’ve tried different user names, first names, last names, etc. and every time there are no results.

Is there a reason why Zammad can’t find any users when attempting to mention? Anything else I should check?

As I dig further, it looks like there are some elasticsearch issues. It seems to be running but when I run zammad run rake searchindex:rebuild I get an error saying 400 bad request.

I installed everything using the default Ubuntu 20.04 package, not sure what could be causing it.

Managed to fix it. I changed the Elasticsearch url from localhost to with the following command:
zammad run rails r "Setting.set('es_url', '')

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