May I forbid agents to create new clients?

I know that our user-story is not common, but we would restrict agents to create new client during new ticket creation. So only admins could do it. May be there is any hack for it?

Hi @honeypy

why would you do that??

According to this

What common sense dictates:

  • Admin is to manage the Zammad installation
  • Agents are those working on tickets, so they should be able to create them
  • Users are the ones raising support requests, which are then attended by Agents.

Admins should have no say in users’ issues…

Think of it it like this: the Admin role is the CEO or an enterprise and they do not pick up the phone as the 1st line of support… if you know what I mean.

In other words: it’s a bad idea to do what you are suggesting :slight_smile:


Thank you for your detailed reply. It’s surely reasonable. May be I could be more clear at first.

Shortly, our workflow is defined by organization needs, so all tickets should be created only via custom web-form and this way clients are created automatically (so we don’t get bottleneck here). Also we don’t have huge amount of tickets and creating client by Admin is exceptional situation.
By restricting agents to create new clients we just wanted to «help» them not to break organization rules.

Yes, we can solve this problem with good old people’s agreement, but I have wanted to make sure that it’s technically impossible.

It’s impossible at Zammads core to deny the agent to create a new user with default signup role.
The default signup role by default is customer (this is how it should be).

In 99% of the cases you can’t ensure all users are available to Zammad in the moment you have to create your ticket. Your use case is a edge case to Zammad and not possible.

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