Maximum number of logged in users


What is the default value for maximum allowed logged in users in Zammad?
If it is reached, will this lead to Agents being kicked or not allowed to log in?
How is the resource usage per user on average? Is it possible to crash or slow down the server if e.g. thousands of users logged in at once?


As far as I’m aware we do not limit the maximum concurrent number of logged in users.
The ressource usuage of each user highly depends on what he’s doing. Users with 1 ticket-tabs open will need less ressources then users with 30 ticket-tabs.

Of course you will slow down the application if your hardware can’t keep up with the workload. I haven’t seen a crashing Zammad (because of that reason) yet, but it will be reeaaallyyy slow if this happens (up to throwing 500 Errors).

I think @thorsteneckel can give a better heads up on this.

Beside the following page will give a good hint on what you’d need to do to have more users:

I don’t know what you’re planning, but it sounds rather enormous.

Hi @SEGGER-NV - there is no arbitrary maximum of logged in users. There can be as much logged in users as your hardware can handle. IIRC the maximum amount of users one of our support customers has is around 70.
We are aware that Zammad doesn’t scale that well horizontally so we put that topic on our (soon to be released) feature roadmap.
Out of interest: Why are you asking? What’s your scenario? I often read your name in combination with larger scale questions and I’m really interested in what Zammad is used for. You can hit me up via DM if you don’t want to make it public. Would love to hear your Zammad-Story!


Thank you for your quick responses.

Not that we plan anything enormous, just thinking here out loud about malicious users or attackers.
Having some kind of tool/option to avoid agents being inhibited in their work due to a attacker that spams with tickets and logs in individually would be bad.
An “easy” countermeasure could be that Agents and Admins have privileged session status so if serverload gets to high (not sure which metric would be best) all other regular logged in users would be kicked to keep the helpdesk running.

I will write you a PM that describes our usecase as it might not be fitting the “average” helpdesk usecase.

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