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Using Zammad 4.0 installed from package on Ubuntu 20.04. I’ve setup the Slack integration to our Mattermost Server v5.33.2. I’m using a mattermost incoming webhook created by my user account. Everything works good with the exception of the icon_url. I get a broken icon image. I’ve specified the same icon.png from the mattermost webhook and from the integration in Zammad.

this is what it looks like in mattermost.2021-05-05_14-21-10_Mattermost

Anyone using the slack integration to connect to mattermost seeing this or is it some configuration I’m missing?


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I have the same issue, @cbrand (version 4.1.x on Debian 10)

I noticed that, no matter what I set as icon (both in Zammad and in Mattermost), the payload reference doesn’t change; it stays "icon_url":"" and that URL is 404, which explains the “broken image” icon, because there is no image at that URL.

It seems like a noticeable bug for anyone using slack/mattermost integration so I tend to think it has something to do with my setup, but unsure what else to try.

@tingeber Thanks for finding the payload reference! I hadn’t had time to look at the payload and see what it was actually trying to use for the icon.

Using that icon_url I was able to track down the file calling it.

grep -rnw '/opt/zammad/' -e 'logo-200x200.png'
/opt/zammad/app/models/transaction/slack.rb:164:      logo_url = ''

I edited the file and change the icon_url to the custom icon I was wanting to use for notifications in mattermost.

On line 164, I changed
logo_url = ''
logo_url = 'https://put_your_custom_icon_url_here.png'

restarted the zammad service and triggered a notification and it worked!

There is recent issue on the github page referencing the missing icon on the zammad website causing a 404 error.

I posted my fix there. it looks like the variable for the icon_url isn’t being set somewhere along the line and defaults to the hardcoded icon_url instead.

This is a temporary fix, and will have to be done after each update, but perhaps it will get fixed soon.

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