Mark tickets that are pinned as tabs

It would help keeping track if I could see which tickets I have already opened as tabs.

I thought of two easy ways to do this:

  1. The ticket gets a slightly different symbol when pinned to my Tab-bar: (I’m no graphic designer)
  2. Give us the possibility to use a “pinned to Tab-bar”-Value in a View that we can build

Use Case:
When working in support, other agents can assign tickets to other agents. Now if you get assigned tickets and you already have open tickets it gets difficult to see which tickets are already tabs, so I have to go to my view and see how many tickets I have, and count my tabs to see if I have all of them or not. (And after that I have to see which one is missing).
With the “tabbed”-Icon I could see it in one glance.

Alternative solution could be an always tabbed mode, where every ticket that is assigned to me, is tabbed automatically.

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