Make articles public


  • Used Zammad version: 5.0.1-1634290036.485196b0.buster
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: debian buster
  • Browser + version: edge 94.0.992.50


We changed to security setting on our installation to make all tickets private but this makes all private articles invisible for the customer. We would like to change all tickets from a certain group and set the articles to public. I was searching through the IP but bumped on two issues:

  • how can I fetch all tickets from a certain group?
  • how can I change the visibility from an article?

Is there anyone out there who can help me on that?

Kind regards,

Wim Vinckier.

So what approach are you looking for? Rails console or API…?
I mean API would probably be the easiest way by using:

Searches can be restricted by using advanced search:

Keep in mind that search results are limitted.


Sorry for the late reply.
I actually fixed it by using SQL. I could fetch all the articles of the tickets within the group and update them to be public. Unfortunatly, I didn’t saved my query, I can’t post it here.

Kind regards,

Wim Vinckier.

Don’t get me wrong, but that’s good.
Direct fiddling on sql basis is not supported and brings tons of issues.

I can’t say it often enough:
Do not fiddle on Zammads data directly on the database.
Use the application for it, that means: Either API, UI or Rails console.

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