Major change regarding Github issues / Community board

The last year has been a blast for us. We are overwhelmed by the very positive feedback regarding Zammad. The community grows everyday, we receive pull request, everyone of you seems to be greedy to find small issues and propose features.

Now it’s time to get some things in order to make it easier for everyone to join the discussion and asks for help. Our google mailing list seems a bit outdated. It’s hard to search, discuss and pin stuff.

So we decided to build up a community hub for you. It’s a Discourse board. The board is readable without registration, if you want to participate you need to register.

You’ll find 3 major categories here:

  • Technical assistance
  • Feature requests
  • Development
  • Announcements

Technical assistance

This is the place where you can ask all your technical questions regarding Zammad.
Our goal is to move some of the support questions to the growing community. And build up a good, reliable and searchable base for everyone who experiences an technical issue.

Feature requests

Here you can leave all the stuff you like to see in future versions of Zammad.
The goal is to start a discussion about missing features. Not just drop’em like it’s right now.


Here you can ask all development related questions. You should post here first before you send us pull request.


In this category we will update you about all the stuff which is going on and what we are working on right now.

All topics are marked with an auto close feature. So 30 / 60 days after the last action, a topic will be automatically closed.

Starting this day (15th November 2017) we will start to move some of the issues to the corresp. categories and will close the issues here.
We will also close upcoming issues, which match technical assistance or feature requests and then close the issue on GitHub in reference to the discourse board.

If a feature will be implemented in Zammad, we will create a issue here on Github and tag it with a milestone.

If you hit a bug in Zammad, you can still open an issue here and we will keep track on it.

Have fun