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We often receive feature requests… through all different channels. We’d like to have them all here in one place. So everyone, who is interested can participate. Also we think about to introduce a community voting for fe…

OIDC / Keycloak (17)
SAML, OIDC, Third-Party-Authentication (1)
Responsive Design (7)
Export users function in a csv file (1)
Allow agents being customer in other groups they don’t have access to (4)
Relative time and date for "Pending till" in Macros (9)
Add e-mail as display option for overviews (3)
Add i-doit objects to time accounting reports (3)
Tigger -> make changes: save attachement to /path/to/attachents/for/my/trigger (3)
Add command to merge users (6)
Add access rights for agents that created internal tickets (2)
Outgoing webhook for new/changed tickets (5)
Custom Sender Formats? (3)
Customer Portal (2)
Open Tab for Tickets assigned to me (3)
Multi-Selection fields (3)
Description field for overviews (1)
Any news about a knowledgebase? ( 2 ) (28)
Count grouped tickets (optional?) (4)
Overviews | Conditions based on owner (1)
Support for choosing between text/plain and HTML emails (10)
Plain Text Mails (3)
Auto Close Zammad Tab (3)
[solved/Github]LDAP - Role Assignment over Groups (5)
Add email address verification on user creation and when sending mail (1)
Native mobile apps (16)
Whatsapp business API ( 2 ) (29)
Add same filter options like on overviews to search result tab (1)
Agents must not create new customers (15)