Mailbox Setup with Office 365


Microsoft started to stop the “legacy protcols” in O365. Many Organizations have to setup their tenant without support for legacy protocols/auth.

So I’m not able to use Zammad with our O365 tenant - but I have to because I wan’t to use the tenants Mailaccount!

So please integrate a mail fetch function direct with O365 capabilities not using legacy protocols like IMAP or POP…



just want to ask if there is a solution for o365 mailboxes with legacy protocols off because I found older posts: End of support for Basic Authentication access Office365

But I didn’t find a solution for that???
How do you use zammad when your organization is forced to disable basic auth…


Hi, we redirect all incoming messages to an external imap inbox (our own server).
Fetch them with zammad. Outgoing messages also from another server. This is bad but whatever works.
Silence from Zammad.

Hello Michal,
we are testing Zammad at the moment and are not sure for which system we will go for…
For me a really important thing is your “Silence from Zammad”…

Are you satisfied with Zammad Support and do you know if there is a roadmap?

*On the Webpage there is a News-Section. Last entry is from 2018-06-27
*I cannot find a Roadmap
*I’m not sure how active this project is at the moment?


When you look at all categories, the latest ‘news’ was the release of Zammad 3.3.0 on 2020-03-03.

Afaik, Zammad won’t disclose their Roadmap, because “it’s ready when it’s ready” makes a lot for sense from a developer’s view.

Yes and No:

There are no News there after 2018-06… Of course there is a Post about a Release. But I wonder if they are really pushing Zammad at the moment or if they are working on other projects…

It is ready wehen it is ready is not finde - but that was not my question. A Roadmap does not define exact dates when a feature is ready - but it shows what kind of featares are in planning, what kind of features are under development, what will come, what will not etc … a roadmap…

Not having any kind of roadmap seems not very professional for me?


For me Zammad is really interesting because its new, fresh and the functions seems to be really smart. But there are also some functions missing if you compare to others.
I can accept to miss some functions if I know they are working on that and I’ll get this in the next months. I need no exact release date…

We currently do not have any public roadmaps we do share.
We’re, as far as I’m aware, not planning to implement properietary solutions like e.g. ActiveSync.
As for email communication we do focus on IMAP and SMTP at the moment, because that’s the broadest used protocolls amoung our users.

Regarding xOauth I have been answering on the linked thread that we have it on our list ( End of support for Basic Authentication access Office365 ).

Just because you can’t find any marketing on a news page, it doesn’t mean that a project has died, doesn’t move or get any updates. You can clearly see the oposite on our release news and commit histories.

Zammad is supposed to be simply, powerfull, but still simple. We don’t plan to grow in an OTRS like state where you need several days for a configuration. That’s not helping and not our goal. You will always find corners where Zammad doesn’t fullfill your needs I guess.

If you want to use Zammad and still can’t work without a specific feature, you can always contact our sales team for a custom development. :man_shrugging:

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Oh wow, Zammad’s Team I see I made a shit storm.
“Silence” in the sense of updating this particular thread here. Not generally. The Zammad project is a great job. Completely better than OTRS;) Smaller but almost enough.
[I’m waiting and miss for]

By the way MS went back and moved to q42020 disabling Basic Authentication. I switched my account to SMTP Office365 (Microsoft365 now) and it works for now.
A lot of health for everyone!

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