Made a detailed docker-compose setup tutorial, including backups restore

Here it is

Anything terribly wrong with it?
Or something to change or add because of better practice?

Zammads docker compose is actually amazingly well done.
Literally just git clone, up -d, and go to correct port.
But restoring backups was bit unexpected hurdle, though relatively easy to google up and piece together process from few answers.

Then there was just few env variables when it comes to reverse proxy

We are still not running it in production, still testing features and whats what, but deploy, backups and restore are the first steps to get some confidence.
So far I absolutely love how it looks and how it feels and what it offers.


Awesome! Did you test do a migration from a barebone installation to docker? This is currently the challenge that we are facing…

BR wucherpfennig

I never attempted barebone installation…
I just tested several times backup and restore process.
Planning to actually start to use it ~next month when I figure out the details of how exactly it should behave in relation with users.

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