Macro: ADD and REMOVE Tags in same Macro


In my current ticket system (Liveagent) we use the tags
“to be paid” and “has been paid”
to mark emails with incoming invoices.

When I pay the invoice I remove the “to be paid” tag and add the “has been paid” tag.

It would be wonderful to automate that with a macro, BUT it seems tags can either be added OR removed, but it is not possible to do both actions in the same macro:

Maybe this limitation could be removed.

I tried to make a workaround with a Trigger (if “has been paid” tag is there remove “to be paid” tag), but that did not work (I couldn’t verify that it works when I add the “has been paid” tag - it may work with a delay or display the change later/at a reload or so).

I try now a workaround with a Scheduler (if “has been paid” tag is there remove “to be paid” tag) and run it every 10 minutes. That seems to work, but is of course slightly less elegant than to do it right in the macro :wink:




+1 from me … being able to do both in a macro would be appreciated!


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