Logic and IF ELSE Statements in Text modules / mail templates

Hey together,

for Zammad there is missing one really huge function which will help for sure a lot of users to reduce the answering time from a ticket and helps to avoid issues.

In Greyhoud Ticket system or email template systems from the most ERP Systems there are simple functions they can be added into email / ticket templates.

Use Case:
Your tickets have a few values related (Tags, Objects with Data etc. )
Objects for example: ShippingSupplier [‘DHL’,‘GLS’,‘HERMES’;‘DPD’], OrderReferer [‘ShopWare’,‘eBay,’,‘Amazon’], PaymentMethode [‘PayPal’,‘Stripe’] OrderItems [TEXTFIELD], OrderDate [‘2021-10-01 12:22:00+02:00’], OrderAmount = [‘49.99’], OrderShipping = [‘0.00’]

Logic values you need is for example ==, contains, !=, >=, <=, >, <

From this informations a ticket has, you can add dynamic templates:
Simple Templates:
{% if #{ticket.OrderReferer} == ‘eBay’ && #{ticket.OrderItems} contains ‘Monitor’ %}
Some text here
{% else if #{ticket.OrderReferer} == ‘Amazon’ %}
Some other text here
{% else %}
Other again
{% endif %}


  • Are there may be already modules for that?
  • Can we add this somehow by our self, if yes, where we should write this logics?
  • Is Zammad may be adding features like this?

Thanks a lot