Lock / Hide Tags Field in Core Workflows


we would like to lock or hide the Tags field in Core Workflows.

Is it possible to add this Feature?


Do you have a use case for that idea? Sounds interesting, but I never was in need for it. Because in the end, I rarely use tags and usually suggest using custom ticket attributes for most scenarios.

sure certainly, we use workflows with custom fields to represent PC or mobile phone procurement in our documentation workflow.
Now, department heads fill out the predefined fields, and sometimes confuse the “Tags” field with a note field, entering information there. However, as the IT department, we do not want that.

Thanks for the feature request, I was just looking for something like that, too.

We have two use cases for that. Since tags are global, even agents with a very narrow focus can see all of them. We’d like to prevent leaking of info through tags and possibly limit misuse of tags.

The other use case is related to automation. We are running an automation that collects tickets tagged as spam from all the groups and moves them to a quarantine group where regular agents can no longer see them. During that move the tickets get another tag that signifies that it slipped past spam filters in the first place and someone should tweak the filters. The idea would be to hide that tag from agents to make sure it was applied by the automation.

My rubber duck now tells me, that I could solve the second problem in another way, and I might do that. I’ll still leave it here to give an insight in what scenarios users might come up with. :wink:

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