Live Chat on mobile - close chat window without closing the session


not sure if this is a feature request or if it already would be able to achieve with an additional setting.

The live chat window on a mobile phone is using the full screen, which is completely fine. A window that would be smaller, wouldn’t make much sense since half of the window is already filled with the keyboard and ready larger texts would be difficult.

The problem is, that a user cannot chat and browse the website at the same time. So if the agent tells the visitor something about an item on their site, the visitor cannot view the item before closing the chat window.

But when the visitor closes the chat window, the chat session gets ended. So if he/she has another question and opens the chat window again, a new session is started and in the worst case, another agent receives the chat.

The solution would be an option to minimize the chat window without leaving the chat session. Is there already an option to achieve this?

I hope this video explains the issue we are seeing. (Recorded on an iPhone 12 mini)

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I found this issue on Github but so far no updates were made:

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Does anyone have an idea on how to minimize the chat window without leaving the session?

Hi @MrGeneration

The feature request on Github is read-only and doesn’t had any updates for quite a long time. Has there never been feedback, that the live chat isn’t really usable on mobile browsers because of the issue that you can’t minimize the chat window without closing the session?

Any trick how to fix this problem?

Many thanks in advance.


I agree, the chat is in its current form not user-friendly on mobile. I was asked to vote on your proposal, how do I do that?

Put a “heart” on the first article.