Linkedin Integration with zammad help desk

Hi team I am finding to integrate linkedin with zammad, not getting any document for that can any one please help me.

Hi @Abhijeet, there is no LinkedIn integration for Zammad right now. What are you looking for, what do you expect from the community?

Hi @fliebe92 i tried linkedin integration with zammad using below steps:

In linkedin developer portal, i created a new App like

App Name : Zammad
LinkedIn Page : company name
Privacy policy URL : https://my-website-URL/auth/linkedin/callback

Then i am getting client id and client secret

When i try to login with linkedin then i am getting the following error.

Please change your secret. You’ve just shared it publicly with the internet.

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Thank you @MrGeneration for suggest me.

By the way I followed this steps to create client id and client secret. Accessing LinkedIn APIs | LinkedIn Help

@Abhijeet Do you have any information out of your production.log?

I can confirm that the third-party login seems to be broken for LinkedIn.

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Hi @dominikklein i integrated linkedin with another open source application its working But for zammad its not working.

Hi @Abhijeet, as already mentioned by @dominikklein, currently there is a bug in Zammad and that is why the authentication via LinkedIn is broken right now. Please be patient, a fix is on the way.

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@fliebe92 , @MrGeneration , @dominikklein Thank you for providing the information regarding the bug in Zammad and the issue with authentication via LinkedIn. I appreciate your assurance that a fix is being worked on.

Hi @Abhijeet, the issue should be fixed now. Packages are up-to-date, so, by updating your Zammad instance, LinkedIn authentication should be fine.

Thank You @fliebe92 for helping me.