Link to Knowledge Base on Login-Page


first: Awesome that there is a knowledge base available now. It’s really a feature which can possibly reduce the number of support requests we receive.

But: I would suggest to edit the homepage / login page which is available at e.g. to feature a prominently placed link to the knowledge base. Possibly a two column layout with a big tile as a link to the KB on the left and the login form on the right.

Right now would load the login page which does not have a reference to the KB at all. So, a user would have to create an account first before he / she would see the link to the KB in the navigation bar on the left.

I think it is a quick edit but would greatly increase the number of users finding the KB on their own without having to create an account.

Kind regards,

I like the idea of a link to the kb on the login page but i’m not really into the two column layout (totally IMHO, tastes differ). I’d prefer something less jumping into my face, some link below or above the login field + this should be completely optional.

Sadly you can’t seem to abuse the login message for links (could’ve been some workaround for now).


Yes, the two column layout is just a suggestion. I just think the link to the knowledge base should be visible immediately (and somewhat prominent) because any user who finds the knowledge base equals potentially less work for the support staff. So, there should not be any scrolling involved to see the link.

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