Link between overviews and notifications


I would like a feature to receive the “overviews” as mail:
→ By this I would like to give our agents the possibility to be informed daily about their tickets even without logging in
→ The agents can get these at any end-device.

I guess it wouldn’t be too hard to implement, since everyone has already “Zammad Overviews” and “Zammad Email Channels”.
Or it could be solved by a special “Zammad Trigger”

However, there is yet no link between these two functions. Nevertheless, I think that a lot of users would benefit from such a connection.

But why get so complicated?
What you want to achieve technically is already possible by using Zammads API.

I asked the Zammad support for that feature and they said “that’s curretly not possible”. And I could’t find another thread in the community targeting this.

Okay, its great you can already set that up via the API. I still would say its less complicated, to just set it up over your Webinterface.

If I have to set that up over API, how should I handle it?

You asked the chat and the person answering gave you a technical correct answer. It’s not possible by default. You can workaround by using Zammads API with custom scripts.

However, I don’t know why you weren’t provided with an alternative. Sorry for that, we usually do that.

You’ll need this endpoint:

api_v1_ticket_overviews GET                         /api/v1/ticket_overviews(.:format)                                                       ticket_overviews#show

This endpoint requires ticket.agent only permission via API.
It will provide a list of overviews the agent can see together with ticket counts.
If you then extend if with ?view={OVERVIEW_NAME} you’ll get the ticket list with all relevant META information.

Technically you could also act on behalf of another user if that helps. Otherwise you’d need an agent permission token from every user.

More info regarding the API itself can be found here:

When you got all you need, your script then can write a mail and you’re good to go.

sorry for not answering within two weeks.
Thank you for that info. I will evaluate if we can use it this way.

Can we still leave this feature request active? Since I am convinced that it is useful for everyone.

It’s there as long as you don’t delete it.
Allthough Discourse closes topics automatically after some time, this doesn’t have to mean that a feature request potentially leaves the table.

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We are currently not planning to implement this feature request due to missing feedback / hearts from the community. This might change in future.