Limt user creation per email to avoid spam

Background/Use Case:

  • Sometimes spam emails are sent with a lot of email addresses in the CC field.
  • Zammad by default creates users for each of these addresses.
  • This is useful if you want to refer to one of these users e.g. while picking a customer for a ticket.
  • It may be annoying if it’s pure spam and the created users serve no purpose.

Enhancement Request:
To prevent the creation of many users by spam emails it wold be nice…

  • …for the admin to be able to set a limit (e.g.: 20) for users created per incoming email in the email settings.
  • …for the admin to set up a deletion job, either via the scheduler, or the “data privacy” feature, to delete all users without any own tickets as a customer.

Maybe it would be nice if there is a scheduler job, which removes all tickets (and related objects) with the “spam” tag?

You can do that with schedulers already.
Doesn’t apply to related objects through because this might lead to potential issues.

E.g. unwanted user removal where only one ticket was spammy.