Limitation of number of agents?

Hello Zammad-community and developers,

at the moment we are testing zammad to evaluate how Zammad fits our requirements. Finally we need to run the new ticketsystem on premise.

For a fast start we tried the free 30 days trial on Very soon we got the message the maximum number of agents is reached (at the moment there are 3 agents assigned). Is this only a limitation of the 30 days demo environment or comes the self hosted version from with the same/similar limitations? The ticket system should be used in multiple departments of our company so we need about 25 agents.

I couldn’t find anything about limitations in the documentation nor in the pricing tables fpr the self hosted version on

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Hello stma,

we changed from Matrix42 Ticket System to Zammad a few Weeks ago and i can say you, that the one premise Edition ist complety free because it is open source. You don’t got any Limitations in the Number of Agents in the on premise version.

You can buy Support for Zammad. Here you got the pricing for the Support, Zammad itself is for “free”:

For the “On Premise / Self Hosted” Version you should take a look at instead of

Hope i could help you.

The on premise trial is limited to 3 Agents and is like the “Professional” package.
When adding payment information and changing to the package you want to have, you can also set the number of agents (up to the number of agents you need and your package allows, beware: changing the number of agents and/or package, will end your trial)

The community versionhas not limitations in features and agent count. You can (as @Premyslaw already wrote) extend the community version with a service contract for getting support apart from this community forum.

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@stma Zamamd have a two options Worry free or Freedom

Hello Premyslaw, MrGeneration and sinichi19,

thank You very much for the fast answers. So we can continue with our evaluation of zammad.

I whish You all a stressfree christmas and a good start into 2019!

Best regards

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